Thursday, April 25, 2013

Should parents be held accountable for their child's damage?

Parents should not be held accountable for their child's damage. According to Anonymous, "It is unfair for parents of teen vandals to be held responsible because they cannot control everything their child does" (source link). This shows that teens are old enough to know what they are doing wrong. This also shows that you don't know the SPECIFIC reason that the parents don't know what their child is doing. According to Anonymous, "Outside influences probably affected their child's behavior and the parents have no way of knowing what their child is doing 24/7" (source link).
This shows that the people won't ACHIEVE anything if they turn to the parents for the damage. This also shows that when the communty COMPUTE the total of the damage they shouldn't automatically make the parent pay for it but the child through community service and work checks. In conclusion, it should not be the parents who are held responsible for their child's damage but the teens who caused the damage.

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