Thursday, April 25, 2013

Should parents be held accountable for their child's damage?

Parents should not be held accountable for their child's damage. According to Anonymous, "It is unfair for parents of teen vandals to be held responsible because they cannot control everything their child does" (source link). This shows that teens are old enough to know what they are doing wrong. This also shows that you don't know the SPECIFIC reason that the parents don't know what their child is doing. According to Anonymous, "Outside influences probably affected their child's behavior and the parents have no way of knowing what their child is doing 24/7" (source link).
This shows that the people won't ACHIEVE anything if they turn to the parents for the damage. This also shows that when the communty COMPUTE the total of the damage they shouldn't automatically make the parent pay for it but the child through community service and work checks. In conclusion, it should not be the parents who are held responsible for their child's damage but the teens who caused the damage.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Should schools eliminate "D" grades?

Schools should not eliminate "D" grades. According to some students, "think it's the worst idea ever, and even some teachers express concern that more students will fail" (source link). This shows that the INITIAL reason for "D" grades is to give students extra time to bring it up before it becomes an "F". This also shows that it gives teachers more time to INTERACT with their students to help them to catch up. Although according to Superintendent Larrie Reynolds, "I'm tired of kids coming to school and not learning and getting credit for it" (source link). This shows that some teachers don't agree that students just need more help than others. This also shows that taking away "D" grades will not COMPENSATE the problem, in fact it will only make it worse. In conclusion, schools need to keep "D" grades to give some of the students more time to bring their grades up and to catch up with the other students.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Should parents face jail time for missing their child's school conferences?

Parents should face jail time for missing their child's school conferences. According to Kym Worthy, "It would definitely communicate to parents the importance of their child's education and getting involved" (source link). This shows that parents need to be involved with their kids education. This also shows that when parents are not involved then some students will SEEK other ways to get attention by turning o drugs or violence. According to Gary Brown, "It's child abuse when your child is failing in school and your not involved" (source link).This shows that if it is considered child abuse then the parents can lose their child who will be TRANSFERED to a different school and home. This also shows that there are many RESOURCES that students can turn to that will show the parents neglect when they don't become involved in their child's education. In conclusion, students need their parents to stay involved so that they can keep their child on the right path and that they don't do anything bad.

Should Global Positioning System (GPS) devices be required for habitually truant students?

Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are not a great idea for habitually truant students. According to Hayley Tsukayama, "Attendance does dip after the program is done" (source link). This shows that while the students use the GPS device once they get it taken off they go back to their old habits. This also shows that the government is now trying to ADMINISTER more control to the youth as well. According to Hayley Tsukayama, "Students in the program get automated phone calls in the mornings reminding them to go to school" (source link). This shows that this kind of CONDUCT may move the students to rebel against the GPS systems by not going to school at all no matter the consequences. This also shows that the ELEMENT of making sure the students are going to school is uncalled for. In conclusion, students can lie about being at school and use their codes at the time their supposed to but still not be in school. 

Do school officials the right to use drug-sniffing dogs?

I believe that school officials do have the right to use drug-sniffing dogs. According to School Resource Officer Aaron Slater, "The goal here is drug prevention and minimizing these incidents' (source link).
This shows that when students RESPOND badly to this they need to know that the parens and officials just want to look out for them and keep them out of trouble. This also shows that the PROCESS of using drug-sniffing dogs is quick and effective plus it can get students to stop doing drugs which could keep them off the streets.
According to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), "Courts have said that school officials can search students in public schools if there is a reasonable suspicion to search." (source link). This shows that if school officials ASSUME that students are using and/or carrying drugs they are able to detain them and search them. This also shows that some school officials may try and get a student in trouble if they don't like them. In conclusion, using drug-sniffing dogs can help to keep students away from drugs and in the long run may keep them off the streets and out of gangs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Would you want cars to drive themselves?

I wouldn't recommend having cars that drive themselves. According to Jenny Mostyn, "there would be a major decline in global employment" ( This shows that it may be safer to be on the road but there will be a dramatic increase in homeless and poor people because of the decrease in jobs. This also shows that with every step we make into the future we take two steps back into the past. According to Patrick Sills, "computers are quite vulnerable and prone to break down from time to time" ( This shows that accidents can still OCCUR if the computer part of the car was to be get a "bug". This also shows that the METHOD we would use to PROCEED into the future will cost more than if we just drove the cars ourselves. Even paying a fine or an accident due to your car will cost considerably less than an automatic car. In conclusion, the cost and maitainence is more than buying a Jaguar brand of car. So it's not worth being eye candy for car fanatics.